Stages for Any Occasion!

If you need to rent a stage, stage riser, platform, multi-level platform, stage with railings and steps, or even a fashion show runway ... you have come to the right place. Distinctive Event Rentals can create the perfect stage to make your event memorable.

Stages are unique rentals and often need added attention.  We provide consultation, coordination with other event providers, delivery & setup of stage rentals, and pick-up. We also offer specialized lighting design and power distribution.


Stages, Platforms and Riser Rentals

Distinctive Event Rentals has a wide selection of portable performance stages and portable risers for rent. Our goal is to meet and exceed your performance and event requirements throughout the Hampton Roads area. We rent only the highest quality of platform stages, multi-level stages, platforms and risers.

We have 3'x6' and 4'x8' Wenger stage pieces which allow us to make almost any size. Our 4'x4' Granite stage pieces can be configured in different heights.


Platform, Stairs, Rails, Skirting and Accessories

No stage would be complete without the required parts. Our rental products include steps, guard rails and skirting around the bottom of the stages.

Don't forget the dance floor!

checkered dance floor
Do you need a dance floor to complement your stage?
 Distinctive Event Rentals offers a variety of
dance floor rentals for any occasion.
Please visit our Dance Floor section for more information.

Granite Stage Sections, 4' x 4' sections
3' x 6' section
4' x 8' section
8' x 16'
12' x 16'
12' x 24'
16' x 24'
20' x 32'
Stage Step, 8" high for 16" high stage
Stage Stairs, 16" high w/ hand rail (per set)
Stage Stairs, 24" high w/ hand rail (per set)
Stage Skirting, 16" black or white (per foot)


Granite Stage covered by a Dance Floor with Guard Rails at various heights

Stage Platform with Skirting

Platform with Steps, Guard Rail, and Skirting
Platform with Skirting